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How to get an odor-free room instantly?  

Got a foul smell in your room or kitchen? You have landed on the right page. 

If you are one of those who walk into a room and get hit by an offensive scent, this article is just meant for you. 

Discover the truth behind that extremely unpleasant odor in your house and find out the best ways to get rid of the odor in no time. Here is what you need to know...

Foul odor in house

Did you just forget to throw the trash out before going for a long trip? Well, you know what the next thing going to happen is. You come home and get the extremely strong and unbearable odor. 

Even after you throw the garbage, the room continues to smell bad. While it might be tempting for homeowners to simply spray down the room freshener, these products contain volatile chemicals that pose a danger to your health. 

With the level of smelling capacities our body has, we often make assumptions about the quality of air just by the sense of smell. But that is just not enough. 

Thankfully, there are multiple ways to eliminate odors in your home. 

here are some tips: Clean your room from top to bottom The most common cause of odor in the house is dirty and dusty rooms that haven’t been cleaned for months. Odor Answersrecommend cleaning the room multiple times a month to avoid a foul smell.

Use a dust remover or vacuum cleaner and remove dust from the rooftop to the surface bottom. Use a wet cloth to dust hard surfaces.  Once you finish with dusting, clean your rugs and carpets (if any) and mop the floors. 

Switch on a dehumidifier

Believe it or not, moisture and humidity can be a big problem when it comes to odor. Moist air is a common cause of the formation of mold. Which later results in a foul smell. 

To tackle this problem, you can consider using a dehumidifier. This effective tool cost-free hundreds of dollars and can be a great way to avoid mold formation. 

A dehumidifier helps to pull out moisture from the atmosphere. Thus, making your room smell great. 

Use an odor eliminator

To naturally clean odor from the air, the best thing you can use is an odor eliminator. No need to buy an expensive air purifier or dehumidifier and air fresheners if you have the option to eliminate odor using basic elements. 

An odor eliminator can be vinegar, baking soda, lemon, lavender, camphor, and whatnot.