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At the moment, cryptocurrencies are very much a part of modern life. Although sometimes it is quite difficult for us to exercise control over our personal finances, because money is accessed from a variety of places. For example, one type of cryptocurrency is in one wallet, another type in another, some part is placed on an exchange, fiat money somewhere else. Vexel's financial system, powered by, allows customers to manage their money from one place. How does it work here and is it really convenient and profitable to work with the service?

Initially you have to open an account in the system, then if you want you can verify your identity to increase your payment limits and activate some unique features, such as the use of bank transfer.

Clients of the service are given the opportunity to deposit fiat funds and exchange them for crypto. To purchase cryptocurrency in the system, you can use your own MasterCard and Visa debit card. It is also worth noting that accepting crypto to personal wallets in the service is free of charge.

It is possible to send money from Vexel to third-party crypto wallets, such as private wallets, balances of exchanges and other financial systems. Currency conversion is usually done automatically. Users of the system can transfer money to Mir, MasterCard, Maestro and various other debit cards. The system also allows SEPA transfers to personal bank accounts.

The system has a wonderful feature, one can make intra-system transfers to another Vexel user instantly and without any fee. Clients can quickly exchange their own money in any direction, for example, fiat money can be exchanged to Bitcoin, the exchange will be made at a special rate of the service. Soon it will be possible directly in the service to arrange a loan or send part of the funds to a deposit and earn interest. With such a variety of available tools, this service can be called one of the best in its field.