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Renting a retail space should be a thorough decision. There are many factors people should look into before they look for the retail space. Authenticity, legitimacy, and a safe location being the top priorities. Be in Prague, or anywhere else around the world — you can never be too careful about this.

As this article talks about retail space for rent in Prague, let's first check the basic amenities that we need to look at before renting. • The property pictures – there is literally no guarantee what meets the eye through the screen, is the truth. Many sites post photoshopped pictures of the retail space, giving us the notion that the area is as good as it gets. If it looks shady, better to keep your options open. Go through multiple options and go for the ones that seem more feasible.

• Make a list of points and negotiations beforehand – preparing for the negotiation beforehand is a smart choice. You have your list of the facilities you are looking for, something that can filter out the choices so that you do not have difficulty selecting.

• Having a basic understanding of the lease terms – knowledge about the lease tenure, security deposit, the gradual increase in the rental as part of the tenure, and the standard deductions on vacating the space can help better negotiations. These vary throughout different locations and the landlords.

• Physically going to check the space – nothing is better than actually going to the location to check the place. In the first point, we covered how some of the rental sites put up digitally edited photos of the location to attract customers. So it is better than the clients physically go and see the space. That would help them check the amenities they are looking for first hand. But this also has a catch if you are thinking of renting retail space in another city or country.

That is why we need reliable sources to present us the real deal and service for better placement, keeping in mind things like location, safety, and comfort.

One such reliable source is Cushman and Wakefield, a real state agency based in Prague. They have experts working in the field and boast a track record of leasing 1,710, 000 square meters of retail space. Their customer service is also on par with the record – helping you until you sign your lease. Whether you are a tenant or the landlord, they have a support system for both. For renting retail spaces, they provide high-end services like retail asset management, retail therapy, and retail marketing, among other services.