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5 Blogging Tricks For Beginners - Steps to start Your Blog and Find Guests[edit]

Evidently of it blogging is not hard. You just tap away, search engines like google crawl in your website and surfers find your words of wisdom. Needless to say, things aren't always as easy here are some blogging strategies for beginners to make your new blogging career as successful as you can.

1. Get a blog looking nice

OK, I am aware you're itching to begin writing if your site looks like a dogs dinner, no-one is going to be impressed once they reach it. Invest some amount of time in picking a theme seems attractive but at the same time isn't cluttered. Not many people love reading red text on the green background as an illustration. If you are not sure, stick with a noticeable but stylish design rather than try to force way too many design elements right into a cramped space.

2. Check the setup is OK

By this I mean things like "permalinks" which dictate the way the pages on your blog are named. They are certainly not intuitive by default using blogging services, so make positive changes to permalink structure with a custom one which reads /%postname%/

Other settings also need to be checked like how frequently each post is pinged (once is preferable) and where it's pinged to - you are able to download lists of ping services such as the look at the very best on these since most of the key sites ping the minor ones anyway. Pinging is a simple way of telling the various search engines you've written something new and you should begin to see the spiders crawling all over your new content once you write it.

3. Submit your feed

Yes, I realize, this still isn't writing content! You automatically have an Feed when you create a blog - it is often just the main url as well as /feed/

Submit this towards the main feed sites and they will tell others out of your blog to other places within the blogosphere, helping you to publicise your site and earn it widely used.

4. Don't drone on

Maintain your posts an acceptable length. This will depend a lttle bit on the personality as well as the topic you're covering but it is safer to keep things concise that drone on for what seems like War and Peace. Split long paragraphs up. Use summary sentences. Use videos and pictures. You could make your page interesting to ensure even if this is a long post, it does not seem that way when your readers have become engrossed in what you have to say.

5. You could make your titles interesting

If your titles could be seen as something through your school English lesson, most likely they're boring. Understand that your titles are the first thing readers will see, either on your blog or once they help you find on the internet. The greater interesting your title, a lot more likely individuals are to select it. Needless to say, your blog post article then needs to live up to the commitment of the title however that must be simple because you have already given yourself a starting point.

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