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2013 new england patriots season The 2000 01 season was affected by Kidd's personal problems as he was charged with domestic abuse of his wife.[11] The Suns, who struggled in the middle part of the season, finished strongly with a 15 6 record to secure another 50 win season. Kidd took on more of the offensive load after his teammates encouraged him to be more selfish. He recorded 30 plus points six times on the year and five times in the last 19 games. Rivers also deserves credit for tweaking his game to keep the Chargers' offense rolling without all his weapons.

He has incorporated more play action to compensate for leggings seamless the losses of Jackson and frozen Crocs Floyd. Both were capable of running past defenders with their sheer speed, but the Chargers' current set of receivers lack the same burst and Fjallraven foldsack no 3 explosiveness.